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Make a Square Digital Photo Frame

So, you have yourself an iPhone with some funky photo apps such as "Hipstamatic", "Instagram" or "100 Cameras in 1" and you LOVE the incredible square format photos that these Apps produce, BUT there's one problem, you can't find a square format (1:1) digital photo frame anywhere on the planet to show off your amazing talents. Solution... make your own and receive praise and admiration from all your friends and family. Make your

FREE Resources for Digital Photo Frames

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Explore new possibilities for your Digital Photo Frame. Framebug’s mission is to provide you with an ever increasing variety of FREE images to enhance the use of your frame.

We specialize in:

Inspirational Quotes for Digital Photo Frames

Educational Flashcards for Digital Photo Frames

Each image pack is designed to be uploaded to your frame and viewed as a slideshow using the existing features of your player. You can choose to mix the images with your existing photos randomly or play them in sequence. (*Playback methods may be dependant on the features of your particular model of Digital Photo Frame).

Image packs are optimized for a variety of screen resolutions to ensure a high quality image whilst taking up minimal memory (most images are well under 100kb each depending on which resolution you choose).

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When I'm not playing with ideas for digital photo frames Im running my own micro business as a typographer (I make fonts), so be sure to check out my other services where you can have a Signature Font made from your own signature and also cursive handwriting fonts created from your very own handwriting. Thanks for stopping by.

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